by Bethany Whiteman


New York, the time has come to step away from the cronut and the cruffin, and make some room for the hottest buttery desserts this summer: birthday cake and red velvet croissants.

Pastry extraordinaire, Chef Thiago Silva brought his newest concoctions to Union Fare Bakery earlier this season, and we finally had a chance to try them. First came the birthday cake croissant, a buttery, semi-sweet funfetti treat. Soon after, it was followed by its irresistible friend, the red velvet croissant. Filled with cream cheese custard, dunked in a red velvet glaze and topped off with moist, velvety cake crumbles, we had a serious “OMG” moment in our mouths after the first bite.  But wait— it doesn’t stop there. Other featured croissants are green tea, cookies n’ cream, and peanut better and jelly. So much YES.

If you’re a foodie like us, you won’t want to miss this. Open 7 days a week from 8am-9pm, head over to Union Fare Bakery on 7 East and 17 Street. Having issues leaving work to go snag one? No worries. Watch how Silva tops off the red velvet croissant and have a drool at your desk instead.