by Christine Scott

Sporting Events are the perfect place for a brand to gain exposure. Made up of large diverse groups of people, it’s a great opportunity to connect to a new audience and get your name out there. When choosing what kind of promotional your brand should give out, it’s important to consider that the items should be practical, but also leave a lasting impression. You want your audience and potential consumers to use your promo item over and over again, consistently seeing your brand’s logo and associating it with good times, or in this case, a great game. With that said, here are 3 promotional items that sports fans will love, remember, and can use all the time:

Bottle Openers
Bottle Openers are always a great idea. It’s the perfect item to use for tailgating before and after the game. Not only is it clearly useful, but there are many ways you can create an opener that perfectly conveys your brand. For instance, a network or cable company could create a bottle opener in the shape of a remote with its logo on it. This allows the company to promote watching a specific sport on its network by giving fans a memorable keepsake that they will use over and over again, and in turn, will remember to tune into the network on game day. In addition, bottle openers are budget friendly and easy to distribute. Lots of winning happening here.

Backpack Coolers
Another great item to give away during a tailgate is backpack coolers. Fans get to carry the party on their back while freeing their hands for other tailgating shenanigan. There are many backpack coolers available that are comfortable to wear, yet large enough to hold an assortment of goods such as beer, drinks, and snacks that are perfect for a small group or family. They also come in various sizes and colors, which is great for customization. This is an item that will for sure be used over and over again by fans, even when the game is long over. Backpack coolers are great to use on camping trips or a day at the beach.

Hair Ties
Hair ties are a hot commodity when it comes to promotional items. We all know how easy it is to loose a hair tie, but once you find a trusty one you keep it for life. This is definitely a similar mindset that you want your brand to be associated with: the trusty hair tie. So why not promote your brand with that said hair tie? The box holding the ties can display your logo as well as match your company colors. The hair ties themselves can be customized to fit your brand’s colors, logo, or elements associated with your guidelines. Most of all, hair ties are the most cost-effective item; the gains out weigh any sort of loss with these promotional items.

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