Are you tired of boring invitations and brochures? Same.

While it’s easy to turn to traditional marketing collateral for most events, we’re always looking for new ways to capture the attention of consumers. One way to accomplish this is by utilizing printed video collateral. Here’s how it works: whether it’s an invitation, a brochure, or custom packaging, a video screen is inserted into the printed piece. Depending on how it’s constructed, the video has the ability to play on-demand when the printed piece is opened, or a play button is installed along the side of the page. The videos are usually short and concise (think like an Instagram or Youtube video ad), but nonetheless incredibly appealing.

Most who receive this kind of printed piece do not expect to be greeted by a video upon opening it, and are always pleasantly surprised and intrigued by what they find. Therefore, it practically guarantees 100% focus and attentiveness to the video and, more importantly, to the message that is being conveyed. Not to mention, it’s interesting to look out, engaging, and is overall more compelling than text. Right now, print video collateral is most commonly used for high-end events, trade shows, grand openings, and product launches. Everyone from cosmetic companies like Estée Lauder to music festivals like Tomorrowland have made use of this product in one way or another. Although this piece costs more than your average invitation, brochure, or other print marketing materials, it is well worth the investment if you’re looking to make a big impression.

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