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It’s time for another one of your favorite giveaways! We received such great feedback from our first Instagram print giveaway that we’re doing it again . This time we’re teaming up with one of our past winners, photographer Jared Lawrence! Three Instarammers will be selected to win a print copy of one of their favorite photographs, along with a printed copy of a @jaredlawrence_ photograph from his Instagram account. All you have to do to enter is:

  • Head over to your Instagram account.
  • Post your favorite photo that you’ve always wanted to have printed to your account.
    *Note: your account must be public in order to participate.
  • Tag both @village_print and @jaredlawrence_ accounts in your photo.
  • Hashtag #villagexJD in the photo’s caption.

All three winners will be selected next Monday, February 29, 2016. Each winner will receive a printed copy of the photo they chose to post on their Instagram account for the contest, along with a printed copy of a Jared Lawrence photograph from his Instagram account. Both prints will be 11 x 14 in a silk stock. Please note: the photo that each winner submits to be printed must be high resolution of at least 300dpi. 

Good luck!

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