We’ve all heard it before—the mantra of ‘print is dead.’ While there are new blogs and digital businesses opening up left and right, the need for print products is just as real as ever. Sure, a paperless statement from your bank may be great—less documents that need to be shredded—but take a close look around you: there are ads on buses, subways, and storefronts. Clearly, these businesses think otherwise. Below, we outlined a few reasons why print is here to stay:

Print is tangible, which means that it can easily engage your audience in a more memorable way. According to Freeport Press, 50% of consumers read a print magazine for at least 30 minutes, whereas 12% spent 30 minutes with a digital publication, according to their study.

Print actually is eco-friendly and green. Fun fact: 65% of all paper in the US is recycled!

Tweets and other social media updates can get lost in the shuffle—a personalized postcard is more noticeable and thoughtful. Consumers are more engaged when reading printed material, unlike websites, where articles are skimmed within 20 seconds. (Alshaali & Varshney, 2005)

Print ads and marketing campaigns bring a sense of branding and credibility to a business, new or old. Color, texture, and shape are not just physically engaging, but prompts memory.

Print enables you to use QR codes on printed pieces, which bridges print, web, and smartphone technology together. Marketing your business effectively and efficiently means using as many outlets as possible.

-Personalized print has more weight than a personalized email, because it’s easily recognizable that print takes more effort and time, thus, dedication.

Since print marketing is utilized less, it means more. Ever hear the saying ‘less is more’? That applies here. Gone are the days of your physical mailbox being loaded with paper clippings and ads—that resembles your virtual inbox more than anything!

Don’t just print on paper to catch someone’s attention. There’s a variety of materials you can print on, such as glassware, phone/tablet cases, mugs, tote bags, shirts, coasters, umbrellas, and more. Not only will the recipient be able to enjoy the item, but it allows your brand to become familiar and usable.