When you’ve got places to go, people to see, and a dozen projects that need to be completed in a timely fashion, it’s always helpful to be aware of approaches you can take to save time. When it comes to Adobe’s Premiere Pro, there are many tips and tricks that will increase productivity and help you move through the editing process faster and more seamlessly. Today we’re going to give you incite on two of our favorite time-saving tips in Premiere Pro.

Poxy files
If you are doing multiple edits to a piece, you might not want to use the clips at full resolution because it creates a lag time.. Creating a proxy file is a way to cut down the file size while keeping the same resolution. Keep in mind that you do need to invest time into doing this at the beginning of the project because you have to convert your files before you start editing (you can use conversion software, like MPEG Streamclip). But in the end it makes the editing process much faster and easier. Once you’re finished, simply replace all of the footage with the original clips.

Making Windows Fullscreen
The fastest way to make ay windows fullscreen on your workspace is by clicking your mouse on the screen you want to expand, and then select the “~” sign at the top left of your keyboard (next to the #1). The selected screen will then immediately open to its full width and length. This minor shortcut is helpful in many situations, especially when viewing multiple pieces of projects together.

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