A postcard is one of the oldest print marketing pieces that still hold value today.This piece requires minimal investment for large quantities, is easy to hand out, and offers just enough space to create a memorable look that showcases your brand and delivers just the right amount of information. In addition, a postcard can easily be made to look either minimal and simplistic, or very detailed through specialty coatings and treatments like Spot UV, foil edging, or debossing. Thanks to new technologies like Augmented Reality, postcards have found a whole new life; it’s given this print piece the ability to marry a tangible material with digital information offering a unique and engaging experience for the end user.

With that said, we’ve put together a few postcard InDesign templates that you can download for free to use that are 5×3″, 7×5″, and 8×6″. Note: all templates are set up with 0.25″ margins and 0.125″ bleed.





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