As the year quickly comes to a close, we look back on all of the new developments that came about in 2016.

One of the the things us New Yorkers were most excited about was the unveiling of new design proposals for Port Authority Bus Terminal. If you’re familiar with Port Authority, then you know how desperately it needs to be redone, or at the very least, get a serious facelift. It’s dirty, dated, and yet, one of the busiest hubs in New York City, with well over 8,000 buses and 225,000 travelers passing through the terminal every day, Therefore, it’s safe to say that Port Authority is more than ready for a redesign.

As part of an international architecture competition back in September, five proposals were created by the following firms: Pelli Clarke Pelli Architects, Arcadis of New York, Archilier Architects, Hudson Terminal Center Collaborative, and Perkins Eastman. The contest sought to find proposals that brought to light “ideas and design concepts for a new midtown public transportation hub that can be executed within a complex urban environment.” According to the competition’s design and deliverability website, it’s still in the very early stages of its process, and is inviting the public to vote on their favorite design concepts and give any additional comments or feedback.

Although it’s clearly still too early to tell what the result will be, we’ve got our fingers crossed that this project will move along quickly and give New Yorkers the beautiful hub they’ve been hoping for (and are in need of).

See all of the design proposals for the new Port Authority Bus Terminal, here.

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