by Christine Scott

Enameled pins and patches once used in the military are now the must-have accessories of 2017. From their rise in popularity in the 60s to their sudden resurgence in late 2016, these items can be seen all over from the Instagram pages of social influencers to Gucci. And now, brands are starting to hone in on this newly established fashion trend to make pins and patches the must-have promotional item on the market.

According to W magazine “pins have gone from DIY buttons and promotional material to miniature works of art and accessories stocked by everyone including Kim Kardashian.” This is leading people and brands alike to think that if the marketing geniuses known as the Kardashians are doing it, then it might just be time to jump on the bandwagon as well. The Fashion Spot has said that “Pins, patches and stickers are fun ways to put your personal stamp on everything from cell phones and laptops to denim jackets and jeans.” These items are literally fashionable walking advertisements for your brand, so why not try them out?

Both pins and patches are customizable, easy and quick to produce, and cost-efficient. In addition, you can easily mold these items to perfectly express your brand’s identity. Here’s a quick rundown of what you need to know when selecting what kinds of pins & patches to order:

As you can imagine, there are many types of patches, but the two most popular are woven and embroidered patches. Woven patches are best used if your design or logo as smaller letters and details. Because they are built to be flat, it makes it easier to sew or iron on. Embroidered patches are ideal for simple designs with solid colors. The higher lift of the fabric gives a more 3D appearance, which is great for showing texture.

Pins also come in many different finishes, but the most popular options are die struck and soft enamel pins. Die struck pins are great if you want a more sophisticated look and feel to it. Typically, these pins are made of a softer metal which gives way for imprinted designs to have cleaner and more crisp finish, as well as a more refined look. Soft enamel pins go through the same process as die struck pins, but there is a layer of color that is added on top. This allows the pin to be made in bright, vibrant colors, while also looking clean and sleek.

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