Choosing outdoor signage for your events can sometimes seem like a daunting task. Before making this decision, it’s important to consider what kind of conditions the signage will have to endure and the time frame you plan to use them. Summer in the city means excessive heat, humidity, and overall harsh weather. When putting together a large event outdoors, the last thing you want to worry about is a welcome sign warping or the picture quality on a poster being affected by bright sunlight. Below we’ve put together a list of four different materials that can be used as outdoor signage for summer events. Our recommendations are based on usability, reliability, and cost-effectiveness.

Acrylic signage is extremely malleable, as it is flexible in both function and style. It’s a transparent alternative to traditional glass that has a very high-end look and feel to it. The material itself is weather-resistant, thick and sturdy, and eco-friendly. This type of signage can be used for nearly anything and will leave an incredible lasting impression on all attendees.

Wooden Signage
Wooden signage is great because it doesn’t flex, which makes it very sturdy and more resistant to strong wind pressure. It works best on post-and-panel application. In order to keep the sign intact for years to come, a weather-resistant finishing is applied to its surface so that there is no distortion or warping due to conditions like moisture and humidity.

Outdoor vinyl signage, or banners, is perfect for summer events because it can endure extremely harsh weather conditions. As it’s one of the most commonly used fabrics due to its versatility in sizes and display options, it is also the most cost-effective.

Metal signage is extremely favorable because it is incredibly light-weight, durable, weather-resistant, and very cost-effective.This material allows you to create unique looks because it’s easy to cut into different shapes and sizes. Metal also has a much faster turnaround time than other signage.

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