by Christine Scott & Brianne French-Sorgini

Choosing outdoor signage for your business or events can sometimes seem like a daunting task. Before making this decision, it’s important to consider what kind of conditions the signage will have to endure and the time frame you plan to use them. Although there are many different kinds of signage that can be used, we have a few favorite types that recommend to clients based on usability, reliability, and uniqueness. Below we’ve put together a list of four different materials that can be used as outdoor signage for various events throughout the seasons:

Fabric Signage
Fabric Signage, also known as banners, is one of the most commonly used outdoor signage. It’s primarily used for openings, events, or announcements, and is made of nylon- reinforced vinyl material or plastic. While banners are very budget friendly, they do require frequent replacement because the material cannot endure whether conditions for long periods of time. With that said, fabric signage is easy to replace and allows for a quick turn-around time, which makes it great for one-time events that require an abundance of signage.

Wooden Signage
Wooden signage is great because it doesn’t flex, which makes it very sturdy and more resistant to strong wind pressure. It works best on post-and-panel application. In order to keep the sign intact for years to come, a weather-resistant finishing is applied to its surface so that there is no distortion or warping due to conditions like moisture and humidity.

Acrylic signage is extremely malleable, as it is flexible in both function and style. It’s a transparent alternative to traditional glass that has a very high-end look and feel to it. The material itself is weather-resistant, thick and sturdy, and eco-friendly. This type of signage can be used for nearly anything. Most importantly, it will leave a lasting impression on your customers, especially during the holiday season.

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