Living in New York City usually means encountering all types of people—most of which you’ll meet in transit. We guarantee you will dislike 99% of these people. Why? New Yorkers are perpetually in a rush, or think they are in a rush. As a result, common decency is usually forgotten by the time they reach their front door. In our new series, “NYC Common Decency Laws,” Village Print & Media offers suggestions on how not to be another frustration—if only everyone abides by these rules, think about how much happier New Yorkers would be.

1. The Human Bumper

These are some of the worst types of walkers and we don’t mean the kind from The Walking Dead either. They seem to go out of their way not to notice you (although we question whether or not they are alive, since they really do act like zombies). Between walking on the wrong side of the sidewalk and their blind texting-drinking coffee-routine that causes them to slam directly into someone’s torso—we get it, you’re busy, but how hard is it just to say excuse me? Manners matter, people.

2. The Couple Who Takes Up the Entire Sidewalk

You know this type—they’re usually teenagers with no sense of space or tourists who have never been to New York before. They have no idea what being a rush actually means, and could care less, because they can’t get over how tall the buildings are. We get it—it’s a lot to take in all at once, but be mindful of your space. The sidewalk is not your personal red carpet. By the way, do you know where Grand Central is?

3. The Photographer

They stop in the middle of the sidewalk, like a bad car accident waiting to happen—except, since it’s the sidewalk, it’s a bad body accident. They are oblivious to traffic, on foot or by car, and just have to get that shot, or else they’ll never be the next Richard Avedon. VPM loves artists—we encourage New York City to be someone’s canvas, just don’t do it at the risk of causing an accident.

4. Those People Who Try to Promote Their Comedy Club

Or ask where you get your hair cut. Or if you’re a “nice person” and have a moment to talk. (The answer is: no, I don’t have time and I’m not nice.)  It’s one thing to promote your brand, but it’s another to harass people on the street. Also, it makes you wonder: where’s their social media manager?

5. The Loudmouth Phone-Talker

You know that person who shares way too much information at a party? Or that couple obnoxiously arguing at a restaurant? That’s this person, but they’re gossiping about someone’s failed engagement while you’re trying to get to the 6 train. Not only does no one care, but it’s extremely rude to disrupt a public space. Your personal life is personal for a reason.

The truth of the matter is we’ve all been that guy trying to weave through a crowd like we’re braiding human baskets. None of us are walking saints. We use excuses, such as being late to work, to push through parents with a stroller and confused tourists. Unlike heavy traffic, you aren’t shielded by your car and can actually hear what someone says under their breath.