Every New Yorker has a commuting story. Whether it’s a commuting pet peeve, a comical incident or person you witnessed, or one horrifying experience that will most likely taint you for life, New York’s subways and the characters that ride them are truly one of a kind. Here’s a few of VPM’s commuting stories:

What’s your worst commuting experience?

I have a plethora of horrible commuting stories, but I would like to take this time to make it a point that anyone who stands still on an escalator at Penn station before 9 a.m. is a horrible person.” – Joseph Bianco, Account Executive


What’s your most embarrassing commuting story?

An angry man, clearly sick of crammed subway cars, was telling people that there was a new limit of people allowed per car, and no one else was allowed on it. People actually believed him and were horrified. I was one of those people.” –  Brie French-Sorgini, Blog and Social Media Coordinator


What’s the funniest thing you’ve seen while commuting?

This woman sitting must have felt that her personal space was being invaded by the guy next to her. She calmly turned to him and said, ‘How much do you pay for your metro card?’ He responded, ‘$2.50, why?’ She said, ‘So why do you think your body is entitled to 25 cents of my seat. Move over.” – Gary Calder, Business Development Manager


What’s your worst, most embarrassing, or funniest commuting story? Let us know!