Every New Yorker has a commuting story. Whether it’s a commuting pet peeve, a comical incident or person you witnessed, or one horrifying experience that will most likely taint you for life, New York’s subways and the characters that ride them are truly one of a kind. Here are a few of VPM’s commuting stories:

What’s the funniest thing you’ve seen while commuting?

“I was on the B train in Brooklyn. This lady was sitting next to a man reading the newspaper.  As he was flipping through the paper, he kept hitting her in the face with the pages. She asked him a few times to stop, and he wouldn’t. So, she took a lighter and lit the paper up from the bottom.”– Gary Calder, Business Development Manager

 What’s your most embarrassing commuting story?

One day this past summer, it was sweltering hot on the F train during rush hour. This woman next to me felt that it was okay for her to take her shirt off, and then talk to me about what she just did as if we were friends.”-  Brie French-Sorgini, Blog and Social Media Coordinator

What’s your strangest commuting experience?

I was sitting on the train to Brooklyn, and a guy that looked like he had no legs was wheeling around in a wheel chair asking for money. When the 7th Avenue stop came up, he whipped his legs out, stood up, folded the wheel chair, and made a run for it up the stairs. This was my real-life, Eddie Murphy, Trading Places story.”- Joe Bianco, Account Executive

What’s your funniest, strangest, or most embarrassing commuting story? Let us know!