Riding the subway is unavoidable in New York City—if anything, it’s the preferred method of transportation. Whether you’re going to work or meeting a friend, you’ll encounter countless people whose manners are for the birds. If your behavior mimics one of these types below, you may want to rethink your attitude:

1. Subway Car Clearer

After waiting ten minutes or more for the subway, an empty car is the closest thing to an MTA miracle. Then, when you notice why the subway car is empty, your heart sinks like bricks in water. Usually when a train car is empty, especially during rush hour, it means a Subway Car Clearer is around.

Apparently, not everyone learned about personal hygiene in middle school. On a crowded train, it’s impossible not to notice when someone forgot to shower. There are extreme cases: their pants are embedded with dirt and cart around 50 plastic bags. While some people fall on hard times, always remember to wear your deodorant.

2. The Pusher

You’re patiently waiting for the train when someone rushes ahead of you, to stand on the yellow line of the platform—when the train comes, they push into the car without letting any passengers off. If we counted how often this happened to us, we would have millions of dollars by now. This person is, by far, the worst subway passenger. We earnestly believe they should be fined.

3. The Self-Talker

Usually, these people are harmless, despite their constant mumbling and yelling to invisible persons. (Sometimes, they are actually wearing a Bluetooth, so check for an earpiece.) Of course, their loud conversation can be startling, to say the least, especially if they try to involve you. (We do not advise you try to converse.) That said, if you are the guy with the Bluetooth, remember how your teacher told you to speak with an “inside voice?” That might be a great idea when packed like sardines. Are you talkin’ to me?

4. That Guy Who Stands in the Door

Don’t you hate it when you try to board the subway, but there’s that one person who just refuses to move in? No one likes being stuck in the middle between bodies, without a pole to grab onto, but it’s common courtesy to step in to allow new passengers access. Rule number one: not everything is about you.

5. Seat Hog

What’s even worse than the guy who blocks oncoming passengers is the person who sits while an elderly or pregnant woman stands uncomfortably. When did we forget how to be decent human beings? There is nothing worse than pretending to be oblivious to others.

No one likes crowded subways. Even worse, no one likes bad behavior on crowded subways while commuting to and from work. If you run into one of these subway trolls, make it a learning opportunity and laugh it off with stride.