People blurred

Recently, we discussed difficult pedestrians you encounter every day in New York City. Diversity goes hand-in-hand with the Big Apple—it’s impossible to pigeon hole every personality into five basic types. As such, we discussed five more below:

1. The Passive Aggressive Walker

They could win the award for Worst NYC Pedestrian; they glare and make comments under their breath, just audible enough to hear. Sometimes they hate us because we surpass them, sometimes they think we’re slow. This is the one moment we realize, maybe we’re the jerks.

2. That Guy Who Tries to Start a Conversation

When did the sidewalk become your dating profile? Do you really think we’ve been waiting for you to say “hi” to us our entire lives? Only two things could result in responding: gaining a stalker or getting your wallet stolen. Either way, we’re not willing to risk it.

3. The Sidewalk Biker

Just, why?

4. All Tourists

A true New Yorker can spot a tourist from a mile away: they constantly ask for directions (who thought to use their smartphone?), stop in the middle of the sidewalk to gawk, and walk slower than your grandmother. If only we could make an official rule for tourists not to leave their hotels between the hours of 8am to 11 am and 4pm to 7pm when everyone is commuting.

5. The Creeper

This person does not walk faster or slower than you, but literally creeps up behind you just enough to be able to comfortably reach into your back pocket. No matter how many how many times you try to lose them, they stick to you like a bad habit. Or worse, they think you are oblivious to being robbed.