Our latest installment in NYC Common Decency Laws is here. Read previous parts of the series here and here.

1. The Dog-Walker

Dogs need to be walked, we understand. But, why do you have to walk your dog when everyone is commuting? It’s almost like dog walkers time it perfectly: just when everyone’s trying to get to work, get home, or buy lunch, there’s a dog growling at another. A dog fight is the last thing you need on a Monday morning.
2. The Jogger

We support your exercise routine, but do you really need to be jogging laps around 14th St? Can’t you go to one of the many parks NYC is renowned for, like Central Park?

3. The Sidewalk Performer

You’ve definitely seen them dancing or singing, even drawing an entire crowd toward them. We don’t blame you for being irritated—you have places to be and they’re ruining Beyonce for you. If you haven’t already, this is when you pop in your headphones and tune out.

4. Guy Who Runs in Front of Oncoming Traffic

Instead of waiting for the crosswalk sign to flash the walking man, this pedestrian is apparently in such a rush, he’ll risk his life to cross the street. Despite causing a commotion, he could cause an accident that kills himself or others.

5. Illegal Bag Vendor

You’re minding your own business, probably walking around in Chinatown or SoHo, and suddenly there is a barrage of people on either side of you speaking very quickly. If you catch what they say, they are trying to sell you knock-off Louis Vuitton, Michael Kors, and Chanel handbags. Not only are you just trying to find that restaurant for your friend’s birthday party, but you definitely don’t want to support stolen goods. No, thanks.