In New York City, more is always more. If you are unable to offer multiple services of top quality to your clients here, then you’re doing nothing but a disservice to them and the success of their company. Rich in history, built on diversity, Village Print & Media’s unique blend of expertise in printing, creative services, and technology – on top of being open 24/7 – enables us to offer our clients more than ever as a one-stop media solutions provider. Today, VPM’s Director of Creative Services, Ariel Markowitz, Senior Sales Manager, Marina Moca, and Implementation Coordinator, Issacc Cearc are here to explain how the various departments within our company seamlessly work together to deliver the very best products to our clients, time after time.

VPM: What does the expansion of the Creative Services department mean for VPM’s On Demand Digital department and current clients?

Ariel: For the Creative Services department, our number one asset is that we’re designers as well as experienced digital printers. This allows us to design work for our clients based upon our in-depth knowledge of the various print materials that they request. If we’re asked to design for a specific print outcome, we know the exact parameters that we need to work within in order for the final product to come out just the way that the client expects. In turn, we can also create a design and then select a specific printing method or paper stock that we know will work well for the custom design. For instance, if a client wants foil stamping, we’ll design the piece knowing the characteristics for that specific technique to ensure that the final product comes out perfectly.

Marina: Having our designers, specialty print experts, and digital production staff all in-house allows us all to be in constant communication and work together seamlessly. We don’t have to wait for a third party that may be in a different time zone or does not have our 24/7 capabilities; we can make all decisions and necessary changes for our clients’ projects immediately.

Ariel: Absolutely. Because our teams are extremely tight-knit, we’re able to oversee everything all the way through, from concept to completion to delivery.

Marina: When this is the case, you have a better chance of getting everything right, and producing an exceptional final product for your client.

VPM: Thanks, Ariel and Marina. Issacc, where do VPM’s evolving technological capabilities come into play with all of this?

Issacc: By integrating the latest technology into our existing services, we’re able to provide our clients with the best on demand digital access and the most advanced print automation software solutions available. This helps our clients streamline their workflow and save money, and helps our company increase revenue and brand awareness.

Marina: Again, this will also further enhance the seamless communication between the client and our team for all of their projects and needs. VPM will be more accessible to the client, on the client’s own time.

VPM: Thanks, Ariel, Marina, and Issacc!


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