Check out what keeps our minds sharp and our laughs hearty:

-We absolutely love this video from Johnny T about how to survive in NYC if you’re a tourist. It’s gold. And totally true.

PRNewser reported on a study that concludes a surprising (or not) fact: journalists spend less than one minute reading a press release. It might make you rethink how you write.

-Are you curious about how Americans watch TV? We are! DMR created an infographic, citing that 84% still use a television, despite online streaming becoming more popular in recent years.

-Do you love to laugh? If you don’t, get out of here. If you want sixteen minutes of comedy, check out Aziz Ansari in Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee.

-Our favorite Instagram right now is Humans of NY, because we all need a daily dose of inspiration.

Matthew Parker of PPR argues for educating clients & consumers through blogging.

-We don’t know if Ken Igunas is crazy or a genius for paying for $32,000 in student loan debt by living in a van, according to Businesss Insider. Either way, we applaud him.

-Here’s another reason to love or hate Kim Kardashian: she makes $700,000 a day from her Hollywood game. She makes doing nothing lucrative—not a bad business plan.

-John Oliver declares Port Authority the “Single Worst Place on Planet Earth.” He’s probably right.

-Internet slang actually started with Shakespeare & the Bible, according to Salon. While many were a bit aghast at the Oxford English Dictionary when they added ‘OMG’ and ‘FYI’ to the dictionary in 2011, ‘OMG’ actually first occurred in 1917!