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New York City’s car service industry has officially gone girl power. Launching today, Tuesday, September 16, is SheRides, the new car service app exclusively for women, driven and operated by a female-only staff. Drivers can be identified with their hot pink pashmina scarves. Bye bye, creepy cab drivers.

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LES will be smelling sweet and sour on October 19th while New Yorkers partake in a neighborhood wide celebration of all things pickled at the annual LES Pickle Day. It might not seem kosher, but you’re just going to have to dill with it.

Ever spot the 31 in the Baskin Robbins logo? Here are 30 famous logos that have a hidden message.

We can’t say we’re totally convinced, but these are 23 reasons why biking is (maybe) the best way to navigate NYC. 

From sleeping on benches in Central Park to designing the first tailored women’s suit that would expand his brand into a global, fashion empire, Elie Tahari ends New York Fashion Week 2014 talking about his new technology inspired designs, Studio 54, and how, after 40 years in the fashion industry, there’s still much more work to be done before he has “made it.”

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Kanye GIFs, create-your-own Augmented Reality, and celebrating minimalism in every sense of the word, check out three new and most talked about apps this month. 

When we think of fall, we think of food- schnitzels for Oktoberfest, hot dogs and hamburgers for tailgating, and anything pumpkin flavored. These are the 13 things you NEED to eat this fall in NYC.

Fashion Week is officially over in NYC, but we still can’t get enough. Youtube recaps of last week’s shows are getting us through this work week! Some of our favorites were  Tommy Hilfiger, DKNY, and Lacoste.

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