Meet Adam Whittaker: an art director, designer, and long-time Brooklynite. When we browsed around his website to learn a little more about him, we saw that Adam had already perfectly stated our thoughts about his Instagram gallery, @lecoup,nyc: “When I’m not working I’m usually out walking – camera in hand finding lost details in New York.” On a rainy day, it’s impossible to notice a pattern on one of the dozens of umbrellas filtering New York City’s streets; your main concern is dodging each of them to arrive safely at Starbucks. Rarely do New Yorkers ever stop to look up and appreciate the concrete details in the skyscrapers hovering over them. Yet, Adam makes a conscious effort to do the exact opposite of what most New Yorkers do. He takes a moment to look at the details around him and uses his camera to capture them with great appreciation.

Why We Like His Work:

The stark contrast in his black and white photographs give depth and allure to subjects that normally wouldn’t be given a second glance in the rush of everyday life.

Our Favorites Photos:

VPM_Blog_Graphic_Instagram_Inspiration_LeCoupNYC_02 VPM_Blog_Graphic_Instagram_Inspiration_LeCoupNYC_03

More About Adam:

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