When it’s fourth and goal with no time on the clock, put the ball in the hands of a winner.

At Village Print and Media, we produce under New York pressure day in and day out, minute-by-minute, second by second. Just like a playoff game in the fourth quarter, every second counts. For 44 years, we’ve been delivering clutch performances by hitting the tightest deadlines around the clock for the most prestigious companies in New York. What is our most recent clutch move? Pumping up New York fans by reviving your football season.

Let’s face it—the Giants need a prayer, and the Jets need a weeping statue. Today kicks off VPM’s spirit week, celebrating the launch of our new campaign, #CLUTCH. For the next six weeks, the campaign will encompass the spirit, drive, and passion of one of New York’s favorite past times- football. We’re here to bring your spirits up through inspirational #clutch performance stories, a few #clutch lessons for your company’s success, and by giving you exactly what you really want- Gold. Throughout the campaign, we’ll be doing our Village Gold giveaways, including two free tickets to the Giants vs. Redskins game on December 14.

What exactly is a #clutch performance? It’s successfully delivering a high quality product for a client by an impossible deadline for most. Like all great New Yorkers, VPM has continuously thrived under pressure. During our opening season in 1970, we began by helping mainly law firms (who are never demanding), producing their print materials for court at phenomenal speeds. By the early ’90s, we began our 24/7 printing services, producing work for corporate clients, whether it was midday or 2am. Today, we continue to deliver fantastic service day in and day out. We’ve expanded our services to provide not only 24/7 digital printing, but also offset, specialty, large format, design, and consulting.

There’s an old saying in business “Price, quality, service. Pick two.” At VPM, you don’t have to pick two, or even three of those. You always get three out of three—great pricing, high quality work, and what matters most: phenomenal service.

Now, let’s get back to what you really want to know. While free Giants tickets are great, we realize that the game isn’t until December 14. Therefore, we’re going to give you something to root for. Every week of the campaign, we’re giving away a Modell’s gift card for every game that either the Giants or Jets win. If both teams win on any given weekend, we’ll double the amount of the gift card to give to a fan from each team.

Tune in daily to our blog, Twitter, and Instagram to help celebrate the launch of our #CLUTCH campaign. As Vince Lombardi said, “The only way you go about making something a habit is by repetition, so keep at it.” Therefore, “keep at it” by keeping up with our daily blog posts for a chance to win some gold and learn how you, too, can deliver clutch performances for your company.

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