Your favorite New Yorker and VPM’s Sales Manager, Nicole Prechtl, is back to rant about the second biggest snow storm in New York City’s history, a.k.a Jonas. What could she possible have to complain about? Grab yourself some Advil, and we’ll let her take it from here:

“So, this blizzard. Here we go.

What annoys me most about this situation is that, in the days following the blizzard, people have a million reasons as to why they are late for work. NEWS FLASH: We just had the second biggest storm in the history of New York City. If you think you can leave your home at the same time you do on a normal morning and still make it to work on time, odds are you won’t have a job pretty soon; you clearly don’t have a brain. No boss wants to hear the excuse “train delays,” like yeah, no kidding. Why did you not plan for this accordingly? If you’re trying to get to work on time you should have started your travels a minimum of 1 hour earlier than usual, accounting for all possible delays you might encounter. And here’s a P.S. to every boss out there: whichever one of your employees was on time this past Monday, keep them around as long as possible because it means that they actually take their job seriously.

That is, until the next Jonas…”

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