Today, Village Print & Media’s Marketing Intern, Bethany Whiteman, talks about why positivity matters and how to achieve it during an internship.

“Is your glass half full or half empty? This question is something I’ve heard a million times, but never truly understood until I started interning in the real world. One of the greatest things I’ve learned so far is that your glass shouldn’t be ‘half empty’ or ‘half full,’ it should really be completely full. You can’t always be optimistic, but you can’t always be pessimistic either; there needs to be a balance of being and understanding both characteristics in order to become a well-rounded employee. After reading this article and attempting to apply its practices to my day-to-day work as an intern, these are 3 ways I’ve found to keep me going, and to keep my glass full:

Understanding Realism vs. Pessimism
It’s human nature to seek out threats when entering an uncharted territory. However, if we are constantly searching for something that will take us down, we’ll never get around to experiencing new horizons and personal growth. When entering a new environment or given a difficult task to complete, establish what needs to be done and when. Do one thing at a time, and think only about that particular thing as you’re doing it. Living in the moment will keep you positive and allow you to focus on all of the small details that could have been missed from stressing about getting to the finish line.

What to Do and What Not to Do
After creating a to-do list, number your tasks from the ones you know that you’ll able to achieve first to the most difficult. This way, you’ll be able to work your way up to the difficult tasks without having to worry about having enough time to finish the other ones. If you don’t get to everything on your list, don’t be discouraged; stay positive and remember that you have completed as many tasks as possible that day.

Don’t Worry, Be Grateful
Redirecting your energy may take some getting used to, so take it slow and breathe. Every new challenge gives you an opportunity to learn and grow from both your accomplishments and mistakes, and to show others how strong of a person you are.”

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