Joseph Bui just completed his summer internship in our Graphic Design department at Village Print & Media. He completed a spectacular job, working closely with our Graphic Designer, Emily McNally, and myself. During one of our morning meetings, Joseph declared that his alter ego was named Pachu–this alter ego represents his fearlessness that he brings to the table with design.

We interviewed him as a way to understand what he took from his internship experience and how it may have changed his goals for the future. Check it out below and stay tuned for our Pachu in the Park installment:

As a design student from Pratt Institute, was the transition from being an art student in an academic setting to a corporate environment surprising? Was it challenging at times?

Everything in the corporate world has to go through an obstacle course of revisions to reach a final output. It makes me realize the depth of the phrase ‘creative freedom’ and how much I have taken it for granted. However, getting to see the day to day process makes you appreciate the foundation it takes to have consistent quality work.

What has been the most important thing you’ve learned while interning with us?

Within my last two weeks, I really learned how every experience is what you make of it. It sounds basic, but by communicating and asking more questions, I got more out of my internship and summer. The people you work with are your greatest mentors and provide more insight and knowledge than the actual tasks I worked on.

Also always bring a sweater- always. This is a cold, cold world we live in.

Post-graduation, what are some general design and industry goals, professionally and/or personally?

I’d love to use graphic design to bleed over into fashion editorial and work with Bullett, i-D, Vice, or Showroom. I want my career to be fun, versatile, and light on its feet. I don’t mind being tossed and turned and torn apart around as long I am surrounded by talented people who are constantly challenging me and helping me grow as a designer. In the future, when I am wise soul filled with experience, I want to use design to bring awareness and more importantly action for global issues. It would be uber to live a career worthy of a TED talk.

If you could only choose one example of design that you find effective, what would you choose? It can be anything from a Michael Kors advertisement to Beyonce’s newest album cover.

In terms of ‘effective’, I’ve recently discovered the Muji store and more or less want everything in that store. So aesthetic and so beautifully simple.

What do you love most about living in New York City? Tell us about some of your favorite places.

While the razzle dazzle of the city is invigorating and gives me life,  the diversity and culturally global mindset of people is what I love. Everyone I walk by has a different journey and story to tell. I also feel like New Yorkers (whoever that includes) are determined to reach the impossible or are fighting to make it. It keeps me humbled and inspired.

I discovered a deep passion for Bryant Park this summer. When I’m not grazing in the sun or eating lunch, I’m enjoying broadway shows, juggling lessons, movie screenings, and yoga- all for free! I have also discovered a slice of heaven at the restaurant The Boil.

If you could define what a true New Yorker is in one sentence, what would you say?

In the wise words of Yeezus ‘I feel like I’m too busy writing history to read it.’

Check out his online portfolio.