Meet Christine Scott: a Google Analytics enthusiast, Instagram addict,  soon-to-be graduate of Baruch college with a major in Corporate Communications, and VPM’s Media/Marketing intern. As our Spring 2017 internship program comes to a close, we sat down with Christine to gain some insight on her experience, and learn more about this spunky, inquisitive millennial on the verge of entering the real world. Interview disclaimer: insightful questions up top, playful interrogation towards the bottom.

Describe yourself like you would in your Twitter bio.
Brooklyn foodie with unbelievably strong meme game (Superman strong).

Why did you decide to intern at VPM?
The main reason I chose to intern at VPM was because I knew I would be exposed to many different aspects of the marketing business. Before accepting the internship, I wasn’t sure what field I wanted to go into, so I knew I wanted to try out as many different areas of marketing as possible. During the interview process, I was given a rundown of what was to be expected and learned that I would have the opportunity to work with different departments on certain projects. This is what really sealed the deal for me.

What does an average day look like for you at VPM?
Well, I begin the day at 9am like everyone else, and like to immediately open all of our social accounts to see how many likes and comment we got. I try to respond to comments as quickly as possible before our daily morning meeting. After, I schedule all of the social media post for the day, then begin working on content for the blog. What comes after this differs depending on what projects or events are taking place. I end every day by engaging with our audiences on all social platforms and prep anything needed for the next day.

What did you learn or find most interesting?
Honestly, I learned a lot. I discovered that I really didn’t know as much as I thought I did about social media, or what skills are useful/needed to push marketing and create content. There are certain industry programs that I was never taught how to use in school that would have been helpful to know, like Indesign and Photoshop. Being knowledgable of these two programs can really make things a lot easier. Also, I would say I’m pretty skilled at WordPress and SproutSocial by now.

You wrote a number of awesome blogs while working with us. What was your favorite topic to cover? 
I think my favorite topic to write about was Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Learning the tools and strategies to have a high search engine ranking is important for all websites and businesses.

Since this was your first internship, did you find anything surprising or were all of your exceptions met?
I went into the internship hoping to learn as many skills and tools as possible based on the role’s description, so I would say that this expectation was fulfilled. I was exposed to so many different areas of the company like sales, the production facilities, and working with customer service, which was awesome.

Name one of your favorite things about the office.
My favorite thing about the office is the Vedia Spotify playlist. If you have Spotify, you can access the list and are able to add whatever music you like. Don’t worry, there is no judgment on music taste. Actually, JK, there is a little judgment, but it’s all in good fun. Sometimes when the office isn’t busy, Mike (our Art Director) blasts the playlist from his Nano speakers. It makes for a cool atmosphere and has definitely helped my own personal playlist build up.

What was your least favorite part about the internship?
My least favorite part was definitely all my fault. Joe, our Vice President, likes to hold food competitions from time to time, but they are always held on a Friday. I opted not to be in the office on Fridays.

Now, for some fun questions…

Instagram Stories or Snapchat?

Favorite Snapchat filter?
Flower Crown. Literally hides every imperfection on your face. Pores be gone.

Most amusing youtube video you’ve seen as of late?
There’s this video of a little girl brushing her mom’s hair and having a conversation. The little girl is so cute.

Best place to eat lunch on a Friday in Midtown?
I’m addicted to Untamed Sandwiches on 39th Street. Get the General Zapata if you’re ever over there.

Guilty pleasure?
Durian ice cream from Chinatown Ice Cream Factory.

Lil Uzi or 21 Savage?
Kendrick, let’s not start this fight again.

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