All New Yorkers love a little dose of street art, especially when a piece presents itself as a picture-perfect post for their Instagram photo of the day. Lucky for us, New York City’s walls are covered in creativity. But as is tradition, New Yorkers tend to be selective as to which one is worthy enough to flaunt on their feed for all of their followers to see. Therefore, we did a little digging to see what pieces around the city have been talked about, tweeted, and hash tagged the hell out of to ensure you’ll get more than a few dozen likes. Check out 3 of the most Instagram-worthy spots in New York City right now, below.


Dali Swirl (top left)
Artist: Tripp Derrick Barnes, also known as Tripp Art
Location: Midtown, painted on the doors to @thebardownstairs on 5th Avenue and Library Way
Instagram: #DaliSwirl

Founder of the new-age art form, PopNeoism, Tripp Derrick Barnes is a film-maker turned artist who went from working on the set of “The Dark Knight” to painting personal portraits for celebrities like Matthew McConaughey and Drew Brees. His sketched-abstract work has been covering the walls of New York City (both outside of buildings and mounted inside of apartments) since late 2012.

You Are Loved (top center)
Artist: Rafael Cano, also known as Mr. Renaissance
Location: SoHo, on Kenmore and Mulberry
Instagram: #YouAreLoved

This one is an oldie, but a goodie. Creativity activist Rafael Cano has been on a mission around the world to spread the message that love is love is love. From Ecuador to New York City, he’s making it known worldwide that the feeling that warms your heart is and always will be the answer. Through his Instagram, you can donate to support the victims of the Orlando Pulse nightclub shooting and continue to show the love.

Story Of My Life (top right)
Artist: Logan Hicks
Location: Bowery Mural, Bowery and E Houston
Instagram: #LoganHicksBowery

The Bowery Wall’s most recent featured work is now finally completed, and New Yorkers are going ham on Instagram. Stencil artist Logan Hicks created a seventy-foot-long mural composed of friends, family, and influential people that he’s met during his life. The nearly 200 people featured in the piece were asked to meet hicks on Greene Street in Soho for a photoshoot. He then photographed his flock walking through the streets of the neighborhood. The finished piece is one composite made up of hundreds of different photos, sketched onto the Bowery walls.

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