by Ophelia Afflick and Brianne French-Sorgini


While we’ll always love Snapchat, Instagram Stories is a convenient way to get more content from brands and influencers that we already follow. It allows companies to showcase what’s happening behind the perfectly curated gallery on their Instagram feeds through a playful and polished presentation. Here are 3 of our favorite stories to stalk on the reg:

Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs uses their Instagram Story to push product, and pull you off line and into their physical store spaces. We are totally OKAY with this because it’s exactly what we want to see. While its fun to get to know more about the brand or meet the staff, what we really want to know is what next season’s hottest shoe will look like, when we can purchase it, and where.

Refinery 29

Refinery 29’s Instagram Story is a continuation of their fun-filled, vibrant storytelling and showmanship of #girlpower.  Through quotes, behind-the-scenes looks into events, and introductions to their staff, the company’s support of women’s empowerment explodes out of their story, mirroring the brands core values of all the women who independent to get inspired, be stylish, and always stay informed.

Gary V

We love following Gary V! His content is fun, inspiring, and makes you want to chug your coffee and do something awesome with your life. Most of the time, his Instagram story showcases an inspirational quote with fun doodles, or a short clip persuading you to check out his latest video log. Gary uses this platform as a means to connect his followers to his other social channels. His energy and motivation to be successful in all of his endeavors is contagious. Therefore, when he tells you why you should go check out his new YouTube video, without hesitation, you do just that.

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