New York City-based photographer and manager of FlyNYON, Aleksey Zozulya, has a passion for capturing cityscapes and movement.

With a bachelor’s degree in Chemistry, Zozulya showcases his love for science through abstract photographs on his Instagram account @Ch3m1st. A gallery that integrates traditional landscape imagery with colorful images of “spectrum splashes,” as he likes to call them, may seem like an odd mix of sorts, but Zozulya makes it work. “I shine best when immersed in a challenge,” he says on his LinkedIn profile, “and I am the go-to person for making ideas reality, identifying ways to improve the status quo, and communicating and collaborating cross-functionally to achieve results.” His unique style has earned him over 59.2k followers on Instagram and collaborations with companies such as Suntory Whiskey, Sole City Cruiser, State Bicycle Co., Wellington Watches, and Grand Central Terminal.

So, what elements of his work caught our attention? His aerial shots of New York City are incredibly on point and his cityscape photographs illuminate the skyline and streets of Manhattan with a radiance that is infectious. Think of the first time you ever saw the Empire State Building lit up in all it’s glory; it’s that kind of awe-factor you can expect to feel when viewing many of his photographs. Not to mention, his Monochrome Manhattan series speaks volumes to us, as it is in tune with the aesthetics of our brand.

Check out @Ch3m1st Instagram account and read more about his work here.

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