What’s one of the number one things that can make or break a company? The office environment.

If you want your employers to do well for themselves and help the company thrive, then it is important to create a proactive workspace. Cramming a large group of people into a white room filled with depressing grey cubicles isn’t exactly the best way to motivate your team. Building an environment that is comfortable, inspiring, and convey’s the ideals and foundation of your companies brand is the best way to set your company up for success.

Recently, INC covered the world’s coolest offices of 2016. It should be no surprise to anyone that the company at the top of this list was Etsy, and we couldn’t agree more. It’s office space in Brooklyn is a perfect display of a company who truly considered the well-being of their employees, what might be inspiring to them, and who there brand is when creating this environment.

In this article, we’re given an inside look at Etsy’s Etsytorium, a meeting area that is big enough to fit the entire 500-person staff and covered in handmade creations, Etsy’s Lab, where all crafting experiments take place, and the wall spaces of various office areas that are draped in greenery.

Other offices featured that we loved were Uniplaces in Lisbon and Airbnb in Singapore.

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