Infographics are depictions of condensed information that inform and educate in a visually appealing and design-savvy way. If the popularization of visual data across the Internet is any indication, here’s why and how you should be using infographics to market your business:

Humans are visual beings and we tend to understand information better through imagery rather than text. Images help us retain information, which is why infographics should be utilized to convey brand credentials and attract customers. A simple snapshot of your top accomplishments in a graphic format will be way more effective than a long article, even though the information itself may be the same. Consider incorporating infographics in your next annual report, presentation, or marketing brochure to quickly communicate key information to your target audience.

While infographics are effective in print, they’re even more effective digitally. Animated infographics can be implemented into interactive PDFs and presentations, instantly making them more engaging and memorable. They also do very well on the Internet, as they’re easy to share across social media, are well liked by Google’s SEO system, and bring organic traffic to your website once linked properly. Overall, infographics are a great way to represent your company and promote your brand, all while showing off your design skills and creative strategy.

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