Calligraphy is a written art form that is timeless. With that said, most people associate calligraphy with a traditional styled type, and tend to stray from using it in hopes of achieving a modern look for their work. However, some people aren’t aware that there are various modern calligraphic font types available. Today, these font types are commonly embellished, such as by using metallics and bright colors, to add a modern touch to the font.

Recently, this type style has revived itself with the resurgence of interest in handcrafted materials (websites such as Pinterest and Etsy have surely aided in this), making it one of the most popular, creative trends in typography in 2015, thus far. Why? To put it simply, calligraphy’s uniqueness allows it to become very versatile. It can be used to create a beautiful piece that doesn’t need any graphic elements, it’s aesthetically pleasing, and can fill an entire canvas on its own, without any additional graphics. Today, it is more commonplace to have one piece (like an invitation) calligraphed, then scanned to create an electronic graphic in order to produce multiple pieces of the same type. Also, by doing this, you’ll have the opportunity to add modern embellishments, such as using letterpress or foil stamp, adding watercolor or small, hand drawn elements to further personalize your overall piece.

Here are some of the most popular pieces that calligraphy is being used for this year:

Menus & Gift Tags
Place Cards & Escort Cards
Seating Cards & Table Numbers
Guest Book Headers & Guest Addressing
Save the Dates & Invitations & Thank You Cards


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