When it comes to paper quality, most companies are unaware as to what kind of paper they should be using for their print materials. Explaining the different kinds, along with the “why’s” and “how’s” of each paper option can be both time-consuming and difficult to explain to clients over the phone. Village Print Media’s Senior Sales Manager Marina Moca and Sales Manager Albiona Resulbegu share some quick tips and their expert advice that will make your paper quality decisions much less stressful.

“The first question we ask our clients concerning paper quality is, ‘What is your end goal?” Marina explains. “When the end goal is decided on for their print materials— presentation boards, brochures, invitations—, we show them our paper sample book to easily narrow down their options.”

Albiona explains that, “VPM’s paper sample book has become a client favorite, and allows our sales team to easily show the different qualities and textures of our available finishes on text paper.  More often than not, clients are unsure of how certain finishes look, while other times finishes appear different to what they originally thought. A paper sample book will quickly clear up all questions pertaining to available paper stock. It will make a client’s decision much easier and leave them more confident in their final choice.”

Here are some paper quality recommendations from Marina and Albiona:

Silk Cover

“Silk Cover is our number one recommendation for presentation boards. In many cases, clients think they should use a glossy finish. We always recommend using silk cover because the presentation board will not be affected by the lighting. Using a glossy finish can create a glare on the board from harsh lighting in meeting rooms, making the print unreadable and the situation stressful.” – Marina Moca

Felt Weave

“Felt Weave is great for invitations, business cards, and pitch books. Its tooth makes it look and feel different from most materials, giving prints a unique, art-like touch. Watercolor can be easily applied to this finish, which is most popularly used on invitations.”- Albiona Resulbegu

Matte/Gloss UV Coating

“This specialty finish is used to both enhance the look of print materials, and protect their overall integrity. It works great for photograph enhancement on mailers and brochures. Use a matte finish for a more subtle look, and a gloss finish for extra shine and pop of color.”- Marina Moca