vpm village print foil stamping

If you’re looking to make a bold move on your next print project, foil stamping is the perfect way to create a striking design that is both professional and creative. Foil stamping is a popular finishing process that is used to enhance a printed piece and can be utilized as a stylish treatment on almost any design. The uses range from applying pigment or metallic foil to paper where a heated die is literally stamped into the foil. The variety of color and finish is vast, ranging from opaque pigment to metallic foils to patterns. Even three-dimensional effects can be achieved, through a technique called embossing.

Why try foil stamping on your next design project?

  • Preserves color due to the opaque nature of the foil
  • Allows light colors and metallics to pop on dark colored paper
  • Leaves a bold impression
  • Creates an embellishment that can be both simple and lavish in either a fun or elegant way

What projects are best for foil stamping?

  • Gift bags
  • Business cards
  • Marketing collateral
  • Invitations
  • Book covers
  • Holiday cards