Die Cut_BlogPost_7.30.14

You’ve probably seen the phrase ‘die cut’ floating around the internet or mentioned by your sales representative. You’re probably also not sure what it actually means. Die cut is the process of cutting irregular shapes in paper using a die. A die can be used in printing for cutting, stamping, embossing, and debossing. Usually, dies are custom pieces, but typically your printer will have standard dies in stock, such as for rounded corners.

Logistically, die cutting can be done on a rotary press or flatbed; the only difference between the two techniques is price. Flatbed is not as fast as rotary press, but the tools are less expensive. As such, this process is better suited for smaller production runs. Conversely, dies in a rotary use either solid engraved dies, adjustable dies, or magnetic plate tooling. The machine can incorporate multiple stations that cut a particular shape in the material.

Die cut shapes are seen everywhere, revamping print marketing procedures in creative ways. This technique is a wonderful way to gain a customers’ attention, as they not only give your business an edge, but are an affordable form of advertising. Whether it’s a promotional postcard mailer, gift card, stationary, business card, or menu, the options are endless and interactive. Instead of the ordinary rectangular or square shape, opt for waved lines, triangles, circles, diamond shapes, and more!