Images and visuals have taken over both print and digital marketing this year through infographics. Making a splash in the marketing world in 2013, infographics have rapidly become one of the most popularly utilized marketing methods by companies in NYC and worldwide. The primary purpose of infographics is to simplify data through images and designs in order for information to be easily understood. Companies from the NFL to Lauren Conrad have sworn by the use of infographics. In fact, VPM’s summer 2014 marketing campaign was centered on infographics and was well received by many of our clients.


While using infographics is a hot and trending marketing method, many still question how they can be best utilized for their company, and why. Below, we discuss some of the benefits to using infographics in your company’s marketing strategy:

  • They are eye-catching and visually appealing through the use of color, images, and movement.
  • They are engaging, generating a connection between the reader and the content.
  • Most people are visual learners and will walk away with more knowledge from infographics than they would from reading text-based material.
  • They are easy to use and time efficient. Infographics allows people to scan through the content quickly, while still successfully understanding the message.
  • They increase brand awareness and search marketing through the addition of company logos and the ability to “click,” “like,” and “share” content easily.

Infographics are only beginning to make an impression in marketing. Designer Thomas Porostocky, founder of creative agency TOM, believes that infographics are still in their infancy as “the next stage in infographic evolution will focus on interactivity,” making them even more appealing and useful. Porostocky says, “we’re starting to see them migrate onto platforms where you can really start engaging people.” An example of this interactivity and what the future of this medium looks like can be seen in an infographic by the New York Times, Reshaping New York.

VPM’s creative services team can help you create infographics for your company. Contact us to learn more about the benefits of incorporating infographics into your company’s marketing strategy and print materials.


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