This season, bold details are trending in print for both event and marketing collateral. Various specialty printing techniques are being utilized to accentuate design and typography, including foil stamping, calligraphy, and embossing.

Many of our creatives at VPM love the WOW factor that this season’s trends, such as metallics and bright patterns, can add to specific pieces. Yet, we’ve said it once, and we’ll say it again— simplicity never goes out of style. For those who prefer a classic look, try this technique to create simple and elegant printed pieces with subtle details that will be just as eye-catching: blind embossing.

A blind emboss refers to an emboss in which no ink -or foil- is used; as a result, the change in dimension is the only noticeable difference. This effect provides a subtle, yet distinctive impression on a printed piece.

Below are examples of blind embossing that can be applied to printed pieces for various events, from intimate gatherings to large corporate functions: