Photographs speak volumes. Whether you’re featuring work on your company’s website or creating content for its social media platforms, the imagery you’re showcasing reflects the quality of your product and the kind of company you are. If you want to be perceived as a professional company, start by following these five tips below to improve your product photos, and establish a clean and consistent online presence for your brand.

  • Clean and solid colored backgrounds will help make your photo appear brighter and your product will look sharper.
  • Use props to create a theme for the photo. This will give your consumers an idea of how your product will look, feel, and be used in their every day lives. When choosing props, be careful to not overdo it; using 1-3 props other than the product itself is more than enough to make the photo interesting.
  • Show various versions and different functions of the product, whether its multiple colors, styles, or size ranges. Take the product apart to display the differing layers that its made up of.
  • Be consistent. If you truly want to improve the quality of your product photos, then the overall look and feel must be consistent and polished. This can easily be done with basic editing tools on Photoshop.
  • Use a high resolution camera (any DSLR), and take the time to set it up properly. Test shots will help you to adjust your camera’s settings properly so that the lighting and focus is on point.

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