Like any great team, we have our MVPs and our rookies at Village Print & Media—but when push comes to shove, the only way to deliver the dream work is through teamwork. Check out a couple of clutch plays from our playbook archives that were successfully executed when our team worked together to hustle and make the magic happen.

The Typical #Clutch Play: August 2014

It’s a rainy summer night, and one of our clients is stuck with their backs against the wall in a situation they think is unbeatable in the late hours of the night. He has a 44 page four-color business presentation, in which he needs 1,800 books produced and delivered to the Marriott for a 9:00 am meeting the next morning. Our experienced VPM team digs in deep, like they have many times before. Client Services takes his order and has a proof created and delivered within 40 minutes (clearly, it comes in handy to be located in the heart of Midtown Manhattan). Upon quick proof approval, Client Services hands the job down to our night shift production team and makes the deadline with an hour to spare. This extra hour allows time for our sales rep to head over to the Marriot to help hand out the books.

The Parade Play: Spring 2013

It’s cloudy, cold, and the streets smell like a brewery. This is New York City on the morning of the St. Patrick’s Day Parade. While New Yorkers are watching the thousands of bagpipes marching down Fifth Ave, VPM’s team just completed an overnight order of 75 24×36 color posters mounted on to gator board. Now, our messengers have one hour to get all 75 posters to 53rd and Broadway. Piece of cake, right?

Long time VPM messenger Maris takes on the task. Before setting off on his delivery, he reminds Tammy the dispatcher that his travels may be a little rough with the parade in action. Shockingly, it is smooth sailing at first, but Maris is no rookie. He’s well aware that nothing is smooth sailing in Manhattan. As he crosses 42nd street, he suddenly has to dodge a competitor’s pushcart by a split second. On 49th, he plows into a pile of sauerkraut, while managing to sideswipe a puddle of mustard. Avoiding the parade at all costs was the ideal situation, but with fifteen minutes to spare, this was no longer an option. As a group of green-faced men rallied to the opposite side of the street, Maris suddenly sees a small clearing in the parade between a sea of kilts and 100 shamrock balloons. With ten minutes to go, he quickly scans the positions of the patrolling police officers, and takes off through the clearing like Michael Strahan chasing down a quarter back.

With 1:52 seconds on the clock, he gets his delivery successfully into the client’s hands.


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