We may not have holographic technology yet but we do have the next best thing. Make your printed invitations and brochures interactive by adding an augmented reality element to them by linking them to a video or animation. 

An Evite doesn’t seem as personal as a printed one but we live in a digital world so a good option to consider is adding a video element that will liven up your invitation. This concept, however, can be applied to many kinds of traditional print jobs. You can add an augmented video experience to reports, pdfs, brochures, flyers, postcards–it’s just a matter of integration! Printed work with digital elements enhance the experience for your consumer giving you the best of both worlds. A video, animation, or gif can be used to build brand awareness and be linked to your printed marketing collateral. Not only is it engaging for your clients but the same content can also be used across all of your company’s social media platforms.

In the past our in-house creative agency, VSEEN, has created various types of digital content for businesses like yours that can be utilized with this approach. Here are just some of the videos and animations that our creative team specializes in – click on each to see an example!

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