How many adults did you see playing Candy Crush on your commute to work this morning? Probably one too many. But we can’t say we don’t get it because we do; most of us at VPM fall victim to playing games on the train all of the time, too. That’s because games turn boring tasks—like your daily commute— into bearable experiences that the make time fly by.

Games are a medium of choice across today’s workforce to entertain and network with peers. A recent Saatchi study shows that close to half of all employees play games on their phone every day at work. Shocker? Absolutely not.This is due to the experience’s addictive natural that simultaneously drives players to use problem solving skills and idea sharing to win. While Candy Crush and Temple Run might easily make the work day pass by quickly, they don’t exactly contribute to work productivity. So, what if you could take the addictive experience of gaming and turn it into an engaging and educational training tool for your company?

Gamification is the use of game mechanics and design to playfully stimulate behavior. After having recently invested in this product, VPM has found that Gamification shows tremendous potential to make learning, development, training, and other branded experiences more engaging and effective for employers and consumers. Here’s a quick rundown of what you need to know:

Gamification replaces old-fashioned eLearning with an experience that is interactive, relevant, engaging— and educational. Imagine turning your company’s horribly boring training manuals into a gaming quiz that will actually help your employers retain information quickly and efficiently? We can do that. Through Gamification, VPM offers a library of different game engines based on popular game genres proven to deliver an entertaining challenge that delights the eye and keeps the player engaged. We model the game experience based on client need with appropriate learning content, as well as employer brand content, and other messaging. Each game engine scores the player performance and reports on gameplay results. It can also include features like a leaderboard displaying player performance to drive competition amongst employers and teams within the company.

Rather than attempt to get to the next level of Candy Crush for the hundredth time, contact your sales rep at VPM to learn more about implementing Gamification into your company’s education and training programs.