by Christine Scott

Futuracha Pro, a brand new creative and wonderfully wacky type just hit the market and has become the most successful crowdfunded font to date. The fine-bone Futura is adorned with edged swirls giving it its quirky demeanor. It’s meant to be used for fun and free-spirited logos and designs, and any kind of marketing collateral. This beautifully bizarre font has an equally bizarre history. It was created by Odysseas Galinos Paparounis, designer and founder of branding agency Høly based in Athens, Greece. He said that his inspiration came from the look of Caribbean cockroaches. The name is actually a combination of Futura and la cucaracha, the Spanish word for cockroach. If you take a closer look, he mentions that you’ll begin to see little antennas and arms of these bugs shown in the swirls of the font.

The open type of the font adjusts and flips through different designs to fit preceding and following letters, making it seamless for designers and non-designers to create. Originally the font was not self-adjustable. The font would display different variations of a letter and graphic designers would have to individually position the letters to create a word. But thanks to their crowd surfing initiative, it is now an open type that everyone can use and have fun with. Futuracha Pro isn’t the first adjustable type, but it’s the first not to alter the look for functionality. Paparounis told Co.Design, “In order to make Futuracha Pro as easy as possible to employ, we had to come up with numerous letter variations and glyphs, so that at the end of the day, everybody can simply type with it, without bothering with typographic principles, which the mechanism of alternations take care of.” The price to use the font is relatively inexpensive at $15 to privately license or $50 to commercially license.

Check out this video on Futuracha Pro below:

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