As designers and creatives, we’re always searching for resources to inspire us, guide us, and aid us in curating projects. Luckily for us, there are plenty of platforms that offer all of this, and in the form of free downloads. Whether you’re looking for fonts, vectors, photography, advice on cost of projects or orchestrating your own business, there are various websites that provide all of this. Today, wanted to share three of our favorite go-to places that always provide great material for creative projects. Enjoy!

Freelance Wisdom is an online collective devoted to sharing the stories and work of women creatives. It’s an especially great platform for women pursuing their own business. Here, you will find inspiring stories, advice, and words of encouragement from other designers and creatives who’ve set out on their own paths. In addition, you can sign up to unlock an entire library of free resources. A few available to preview include papers, desktop wallpapers, interviews, vectors, graphics, and more.

Creative Market is a platform for handcrafted, mousemade design content from independent creatives around the world. You can find everything from photos, templates, graphics, themes, fonts, and even add-ons on like gradients, layer styles, and plug-ins for purchase. Each week this marketplace offers “free goods of the week.” It’s a compilation of six miscellaneous resources for free such as fonts, illustrations, branded social media packs and more. Creative Market’s blog is also one of our faves, so much sure to check it out!.

Death to the Stock Photo is a photo and inspiration haven for creatives crushing their path. After signing up, you’ll receive free photos each month in your mailbox. There’s also a premium subscription option that gives you access to all of the photos in its library (1,500+), videos, and other resources for creative projects.In addition, you can find 4 featured photo packs on their website, free for download. Each of the packs include 20 images related to the titled category.

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