September has come and gone, way too fast if you ask any of us at VPM. While the weather has yet to reach the cool, autumn temperatures that many of us long for, we’ve still been participating in all things fall themed this September. What’s been one of our favorite activities? Foodtember, obviously.

All month long, we’ve been receiving submissions of New Yorkers’ favorite meals around Midtown for our #Foodtember contest via Instagram. From Korean BBQ to Middle Eastern cuisine to traditional Italian, we’ve seen some of the most savory dishes we’ve ever laid our eyes on. Finally, and sadly, #Foodtember has come to an end. Now, it’s time to announce the winner. Our in-house team of food connoisseurs went through all of the photo submissions and finally picked a dish that they found to be the most mouth-watering.

Congratulations to our winner, Linda Maldonado from HHC, on her seafood submission! We hope you and your coworkers enjoy your all expense paid lunch from Fig & Olive.

Thanks to everyone who participated!