If you’re looking to make a bold move on your next project, foil stamping is the perfect way to create a striking design that is both professional and creative. Foil stamping is a popular finishing process that is used to enhance a printed piece – it can be utilized as a stylish treatment on almost any design. The uses range from applying pigment or metallic foil to paper where a heated die is literally stamped into the foil.

The variety of color and finish is vast, ranging from opaque pigment to metallic foils to patterns. Even three-dimensional effects can be achieved, through a technique called embossing. Recently, VPM used this treatment on our gift bags for our event, “A Night Out For VIP Fashion Clients,” which were well received by our clients.

Below, we summed up a few points on why foil stamping is great to try on your next design project:

  • Preserves color due to the foil’s opaqueness
  • Allows metallic and lighter colors to pop on dark or colored papers
  • Leaves a bold impression
  • Creates an embellishment that can be both simple and lavish in either a fun or elegant way


What projects are best for foil stamping?

  • Gift bags
  • Logos
  • Holiday Cards
  • Invitations
  • Book Covers
  • Business Cards
  • Branded Materials