Black Friday brings out all kinds of characters to Manhattan’s streets every year. Here are five kinds of people we highly suggest avoiding while you’re out shopping this Black Friday in NYC:

 The Rule Follower

While Black Friday sales are notoriously outrageous, they are not a free-for-all. Most stores have a “limit one per person” policy in order to deter the early morning shoppers from wiping the store clean of all merchandise before 8 a.m. A few strict rule followers take this policy extremely seriously. He or she makes it a point to reprimand any ruler breakers. You may be able to snag two TVs, but not before you experience the almighty wrath of the Rule Follower, who sets out to make you feel as if you’re the scum of the earth for thinking you can defy the signs.



A Grandma Black Friday shopper is unlike any other Black Friday shopper. This woman has seen it all throughout her years. She has spent many Black Fridays developing sneaky tactics and ploys to get exactly what she wants. If you think you can outsmart the adorable, old lady attempting to take two televisions in the “limit 1 per person” section, think again. Even the Rule Followers know their place when Grandma is lurking around.



Hopefully this is a no brainer, but be sure to steer clear of anyone who says he or she is going to Wal-Mart. Period. Lucky for you, there are no store locations on the entire island of Manhattan.


Brown Early Bird

Anyone who embraces the term “Brown Thursday,” also known as Thanksgiving, is a Brown Early Bird. Since stores have recently begun opening up as early as 6 p.m. on Thanksgiving night, many news anchors have coined this shopping period “Brown Thursday.” Those who cut their Thanksgiving meals short to embark on this shopping spree clearly mean business. By stepping into their game zone, you’re signing your own death certificate.


The Camper

We all know this Black Friday shopper—he or she posts up at the front of the store days before Black Friday even begins. While waiting on line, they might start up a friendly conversation with you or even attempt to trick you into believing that this is more of a “fun tradition” for them. Do not be fooled. Anyone who camps out days before a sale is in game mode with a “go hard or go home” only policy.

Do you partake in Black Friday? What are your favorite stores to hit in NYC? Let us know in the comment section below, and good luck!