What happens when a New Yorker passes garbage on the street? Nothing. While it would be perfectly ideal for every New Yorker to spend their afternoon actually picking up trash they pass by, or collecting recyclables, or even planting a tree, we all know that the odds of this happening are very unlikely. Yet, we do have high hopes that the great people of this city will spend an extra minute or two participating in today’s festivities in one way or another. Below, we’ve put together five easy steps to living a little greener for Earth Day!

1. Skip your afternoon Starbucks fix, and use your extra coffee change to purchase this NYC 28th street themed reusable lunch/grocery tote. Packing lunch tomorrow in your new purchase will make you happier, healthier, and greener.

2. During lunch or after work, head down to Eataly where the marketplace is hosting a sustainable in-store farmer’s market for all to enjoy. Earth Day celebrations run through 6 p.m. tonight.

3. Go the extra mile (which might require a few extra steps in a different direction), and throw out all of your paper and plastic garbage in their respective recycling bins. If you’re out to lunch roaming the streets and can’t spot any bins, then download My Recycle List. This app is both Android and iPhone friendly, and will help you quickly find recycling locations near you.

4. Take a minute out of your daily Chrome or Safari browsing, and head to This website will do everything its name says, blocking all unsolicited mailings that come to your house daily — menus, fliers, catalogs, gone! Plus, the website’s staff will plant a tree for every new subscriber. Talk about killing two birds with one stone!

5. You know that water cooler that your coworkers always stand around to gossip, or to avoid doing work? Use it. Refrain from regularly buying plastic water bottles that are more convenient, and use a mug or reusable water bottle for refills. Get in the habit of doing this, and you’ll instantly become “greener” beyond today.

So, are these steps easy or what? We know you might be lazy, too busy, or firmly believe that global warming will never occur or affect you during your lifetime…but for the sake of all future New Yorkers, at least try out these simple steps to become greener and help your planet.

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