by Christine Scott

The Fidget Spinner, the hottest toy on the market right now, will undoubtedly pimp out your promotional swag game. For those of you who don’t know what a Fidget Spinner is, it’s a small device that rotates between his or her thumb and middle finger as the other hand spins the propeller. The momentum of it provides a satisfying sensation to the spinner. Although the toy isn’t new, as it was first patented in 1997, its popularity grew exponentially as of late 2016, and not just with the youth of America. Yesterday, Buzzfeed announced a new stylish LipGloss dispensing spinner for women and the Verge announced a bluetooth spinner that keeps track of spinning combos.

But let’s backtrack now. Why is the Fidget Spinner marketing gold in the world of promotional items, you say?

It’s said to help those with attention deficit disorder and anxiety, which makes it an appealing device to most target audiences. Considering the Gen Z demographic is thought to have the shortest attention span and millennials are said to be the most anxious of them all, there couldn’t be a more perfect device trending on the market right now. Not that we’re trying to leave the baby boomers out (much love to you), but you seemed to be much more relaxed than the rest of us.

It’s perfect for every age group and can be customized to the audience you’re targeting. For younger spinners, the sky’s the limit in design. The device comes in a multitude of colors, and the propellers are available in various shapes. They also come in the form of glow-in-the-dark and LED light up. For an older crowd, you can purchase the device with metallic or chrome coatings to give it a sleek and sophisticated look, and a more adult-like feel.

It’s cost efficient and easy to brand. Whether you’re ordering a large or small quantity of Fidget Spinners, the device is more affordable than most trending promotional items on the market right now. It’s also extremely simple to brand; you can place the logo of your company in the center of the device, or brand the case it comes in.

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