Village Print & Media’s #VPMFORNYC fashion campaign has been built around an Augmented Reality fashion card using Layar technology. This week, Layar featured our campaign, showcasing the card’s capability using their free downloadable app. Check out the entire feature here, where you’ll have the opportunity to scan the #VPMFORNYC card and see the image come to life. Be sure to explore Layar’s “Get Inspired” page, which showcases examples of interactive print used by various companies and leading global brands worldwide.

Layar is a global leader in Augmented Reality and Interactive Print, helping to bridge the gap between the print and digital worlds. Founded in the summer of 2009, Layar’s open development platform attracted thousands of developers from all of the world to create AR content as millions downloaded the Layar App for iOS and Android, making Layar the world’s most popular platform for AR. Layar is based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Learn more about Layar here.


Check out the “How To: Bring Print To Life” tutorial on our blog to see how to use Layar to bring VPM’s 2015 Augmented Reality Fashion Piece for #VPMFORNYC to life with the app.