Right in the middle of midtown skyscrapers and hectic avenues, there is a gem: Bryant Park. It happens to be one of our employees’ favorite spots in the city to relax and unwind. “It is a breath of fresh air,” says Marina Moca, Village Print & Media’s Sales Manager. “A beautiful place of peace, quiet, and a little bit of nature.”

On a warm day, you can find lots of people in Bryant Park eating their lunch or just people watching. The park also offers seasonal activities, such as ice-skating and holiday shopping during the winter and movie nights, performances, and classes in the summer: a perfect way to take your mind off of the fast-paced workday schedule. Additionally, Bryant Park features exquisite design and architecture. An interesting fact that not too many people know is that the large bronze lampposts in the park were created with the intent of being heavy enough to prevent thieves from getting their hands on them.

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